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game analysis custom 1-2-1 program 

Introducing the new GAME ANALYSIS PROGRAM

All the top performing clubs throughout the world use game analysis to evaluate their team's collective performance and make tactical adjustments. However, individual match analysis along with a customized 1-2-1 program is not very common at any level in football.

The game analysis program is designed for ambitious high performance players who are looking to bridge the gap between where they currently are and where they aim to be. 



We study your matches and identify areas which can be improved in your game, and areas which you are already strong in.

From there, we design a customized training program to improve your weaknesses while also fortifying your strengths.

Top players always have a defining characteristic that makes them stand out from the pack, which is why we work with what you are already good at and try to make that feature nearly unplayable.

Next, we head to the training grounds and set up several training sessions where we work on position specific activities that will yield the best results. Deliberate training is crucial to seeing real performance results. This is why simply getting touches on the ball or doing a drill you think looks cool doesn't improve your game. What does improve your game is carefully thought-out drills that are derived directly from your performances, and designed specifically to translate into your game. 


Lastly, we establish targets to be hit in your future matches in order to track progress and ensure improvement, and reevaluate after a few matches. Setting targets is a tried and true method of developing any skill or ability in life, but especially in football where performances are often tracked by statistical analysis. We ensure the targets are relevant to your position and also set micro, meso, and macro goals to provide a clear path and end goal. 

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