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You miss the pitch... I know, me too! But there's no time for self-pity in football.

ROCA Technical Football Training has launched a 5 week 5x5 technique mastery program designed for players from across the world to take their technical ability to another level.

Training sessions take place every Monday and Tuesday at 9-10pm UK, beginning on January 19 until February 16.

Mondays are focused on ball mastery, passing, and receiving. These sessions require a football, a set of cones (or objects), and a wall or rebounder (use a partner if you don't have access to a wall).

Tuesdays are focused on juggling and aerial ball control. For this session all you need is a football and a tennis ball!

Sessions can be purchased individually, or in bulk. Purchasing the full program saves you 25%! If you missed the first training session, you still have another chance to purchase the remaining 8 sessions in bulk and redeem your discount.

See you soon!

I was searching for a professional individual coach to supplement my training with my team and help me improve as a player and ROCA Technical Football Training was perfect for that. 

Sergiu analysed my game and had a good view of how I can improve my weaknesses and compliment my strengths. He created a session for working exactly on that. Sergiu is a great guy and a very professional coach that I learnt a lot from. 

If you're looking to improve your game as a professional player or reach a professional level, Sergiu is perfect to help you to reach your goals!

Jesse edge, new zealand international 

what we offer

Personalized, position specific training.

We offer 1 on 1 and Small Group Training both in person, and online. 


Game analysis is a huge part of professional football at a collective level, and we are looking to make it a part of individual training as well.


We can come record your match, analyze it, and then put together a 5-10 session curriculum to improve on weak points and maximize your strengths. This program is geared towards playing U11+ and professional players. 


Technical School

Absolute Ball Mastery.

The Technical  School is a program which is split into separate age groups.

The youngest ages are taken through a set of exercises designed to get them comfortable with the ball.

The older age groups are challenged with more advanced techniques and game understanding.

5 week 5x5 technique mastery program

Don't let the third lockdown stop you from training and progressing as a footballer. Join Sergiu every Monday and Tuesday in ROCA's technique mastery program which is held over zoom. Mondays are for ball mastery and passing, Tuesdays are for juggling and aerial ball control. Every session features a challenge of the week! 


We offer Summer, March Break, Winter, and PD Day Camps.

Our camps offer professional training designed to facilitate player development.



The Youth Soccer Player Development Podcast is a podcast series featuring some of the world's top soccer professionals will discuss grassroots and professional football. Guests include professional coaches, players, scouts, agents, physiotherapists, and psychologists. 



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Tons of free football training drills, workouts, and interviews. 

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