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We discovered ROCA Technical Soccer School late in 2018 and have been very impressed. Our son has attended weekly sessions, March break camp, and is excited for the upcoming ROCA summer camps. Sergiu Anton is a highly effective, energetic and skilled trainer and our son has made great progress thanks to Sergiu. We’ve particularly noticed improvement in the accuracy and speed of his ball control. In our quest to provide our son with the soccer training he is looking for we have worked with a number of excellent coaches in the region. ROCA fills a real void in the available training in our area. No one else focuses so completely on ball mastery and precision handling skills. Sergiu himself is very personable, instantly connecting with the younger and older kids he trains. Ball mastery is a highly technical skill, yet Sergiu makes the training a fun, engaging challenge - never boring or tedious. I'm amazed at how Sergiu is able to customise his training, so that it doesn't matter what skill level your child is currently at, ROCA training will challenge them and improve their game. We’re so glad we found ROCA! We highly recommend ROCA Technical Soccer School to players of all skill levels

Liz Smith, Parent

what we offer

Private Training

Personalized, position specific training.

We offer 1 on 1 and Small Group Training both in person, and online. 


Team training

Does your team need help improving their technique? ROCA Technical Football Training can help you. 


Technical School

Absolute Ball Mastery.

The Technical  School is a program which is split into separate age groups.

The youngest ages are taken through a set of exercises designed to get them comfortable with the ball.

The older age groups are challenged with more advanced techniques and game understanding.


We offer Summer, March Break, Winter, and PD Day Camps.

Our camps offer professional training designed to facilitate player development.



The Youth Soccer Player Development Podcast is a podcast series featuring some of the world's top soccer professionals will discuss grassroots and professional football. Guests include professional coaches, players, scouts, agents, physiotherapists, and psychologists. 



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Tons of free football training drills, workouts, and interviews. 

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